Lasers vs. Facelift vs. Injections
Posted: January 16, 2018By: adminComment: 20
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most of us know that celebrities don’t wake up looking the way we see them on camera. How do they get this flawless look?

I think most of us know that celebrities don’t wake up looking the way we see them on camera. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline, but maybe it’s a team of professionals from plastic surgeons, estheticians, wellness coaches, and makeup artists. I was recently asked to shoot 30 makeup tutorials for About.Com. I jumped at the chance (it gets 90 million hits a month), but I only had one month to prepare. Wow!

The first thing I did was stop eating (lol), but seriously I looked at my skin and knew I wanted it to glow. I did a quick 5 day beauty cleanse, along with a series of Fit Body Wraps, Colonics and Foot Detoxes. I did this as a suggestion from Aqua's esthetician, Vanessa Jones. Vanessa helps women get ready for big events all the time as part of Aqua's “Three Weeks to Weeding” program, which can be tailored for any big event in your life. I started upping my intake of water, and made sure I added vitamins that were skin health specific. By doing this the inside was going to take care of itself, but what about the outside?

I consulted with the very talented team at the office of Aqua Spa & Beauty who specializes in facial fillers, treatments, and laser resourfacing.

The Peel: The first step in Camera Ready Skin, and probably the most aggressive is a chemical peel, which stimulates cell production and tightens skin. I chose to have a non aggressive light PCA peel. This helped with the texture and tone of my skin, stimulated the exfoliation process, removed any build-up of dead skin cells, and uncloged my pores. My skin always glows after this.

The Facial: This is another great way to improve skin tone, and texture. Facials are skin type and concern specific. A basic facial usually involves: cleansing, steaming and extraction. I had by facial done about one week after the peel, and one week prior to my on air appearance.

Skincare: You have to be cautious about proper skincare, especially after a peel. You want to keep the skin very moisturized, but you don’t want to apply a lot of oil. You also want to stay out of the sun, and if you must be in the sun use a good sun screen. You also don’t want to help the skin peel (it will do this on it’s own), so you want to ditch exfoliators and devices such as Clarisonic.

Sleep and relax: I can not stress the importance that that these two elements play in glowing skin. Make sure to get 8 solid hours, and I know stress can be hard to avoid so try calming exercises such as yoga and/or meditation.